Access to Clearstream performance on your terms.


  • Managed performance & guarantees
    (no continual optimization)
  • Deterministic inside a probabilistic ecosystem
  • Define & go
  • Access to insights & reporting

Our own GLOBAL SUPPLY SIDE PLATFORM is OPEN for you at first look.

  • 1.5+ Billion Daily Viewable Marketplace Impressions
  • More than 50 Standard Endemic and Custom Package Segments

Because we have our own supply, we can eliminate the middle man. That means greater efficiency and better performance.



Data Integrations


Our advanced data infrastructure, data management platform, and existing integrations means onboarding your first-party data is PAINLESS.

Clearstream’s own first-party data, thanks to our proprietary Post-Programmatic Decisioning technology, captures information on user sessions before launching your campaign. 


1st Party Data Capabilities (examples)

  • Cross Device Instrumentation (4x per second)
  • Offline Data-Matching
  • Device Deep Learning
  • Exact Lat/Log/Alt/Heading Capture (not inferred)
  • User Level Performance & Behavioral Data
  • Real Time Application Graph




Client and 3rd Party Segmentation